XX.I International Summer Academy Plauen - Vogtland

June 23rd until August 2nd 2015 Hanns Herpich - "Creating textile surface structures"

Textile artist Prof Hanns Herpich, internationally renowned former president of the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg, will be the art director of the XX.I Summer Academy in Plauen. Covering the field of artistic textile design, participants will develop strategies and concepts for creating textile surface structures and prepare possible implementations. Between surface and space lies the artistic area in which to operate – from the draft of a woven surface to free textile creations. Influenced by the inspiring atmosphere of the listed Weisbachsches Haus from the Baroque era, any creative work there explores the fascinating relation between art and architecture. A supporting programme during the workshop including an excursion and presentations is in preparation. The XX.I Summer Academy’s opening in Plauen features an exhibition of art director Hanns Herpich’s works together with works of concrete artist Hasso von Henninges.

Plauen and Weisbachsches Haus, where the annual Summer Academy takes place, are very closely connected with a long history of industrial textile manufacturing. The production of “Plauen Lace” made it famous throughout the world. Based on this fact, the creative process might also result in the design of textile works. The textile industry of the region will provide their support in carrying out any such works designed during the workshop.

Published on 11.07.2015