The Summer Academy

Weisbachsches Haus

Weisbachsches Haus was built in 1778 for residential and factory purposes. The complex of buildings with its large garden in front is rated an architectural monument of inter-regional importance. Its factory rooms offer ideal work conditions for the association’s art and design projects. Also, one wing of Weisbachsches Haus houses the Academy Gallery.    

International Summer Academy Plauen, Vogtland

Since 1994 the Plauen Summer Academy takes place every year at the beginning of summer break, dedicating ten days of creative work to a given topic. The Summer Academy welcomes students and professionals of art, architecture, design, photography and the media who are ready to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge and skills.

A new art director is appointed every year; these directors alternately represent the fields of art, architecture or design and are very open-minded about the other spheres.

Weisbachsches Haus with its former factory floors is the centre of the participants’ creative work.